Abercrombie Nederland Shanghai Maritime University, Graduate Entrance Examinatio

Shanghai Maritime University,Abercrombie Nederland, Graduate Entrance Examination 2007 check the information first test results

the majority of candidates : Our school graduate first test results in 2007 will begin March 13 for details. Check my school grades in two ways .
A : Telephone or information :
local fixed Shanghai Tel: 16862509 ; Shanghai local mobile phone users Enquiries : 12590123509;
mobile phone users outside candidates Enquiries: 1259070509 ; field candidates Unicom,Abercrombie Nederland, PHS users Can send SMS query : China Unicom mobile phone users sent : FH # to 948,Abercrombie Nederland,Abercrombie Outlet 南京五大高校热门硕士研究生专业,662 ; PHS users to send : FHW to 9800
II: online: URL : kaoyanmishu.net or gs.shmtu.edu.cn
Shanghai Maritime University Graduate Admissions Office

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