Hollister Mann Open Economy Analysis of the effectiveness of fiscal policy _1706

Open Economy Analysis of the effectiveness of fiscal policy Information has significant lasting impact. Other instrumental variables and mediating variables on the mediator variable effect on the target variables are relatively short , therefore ,Ralph Lauren polo On the choice of exchange rate r, fiscal policy has a pulse on the economic operation , and if appropriate measures ,Hollister Frauen, intervention timing is accurate, then the balance of fiscal policy on the economy plays an important role to run . But it is worth noting that investment in technological transformation and the two important long-term research investment spending had no significant effect on GDP , therefore, should be addressed R & D and technology market in the deep-rooted problems , the current fiscal policy should not be an open economy Driving force for sustainable economic development . 5. The specific structure of fiscal policy needs to be optimized in China since the Asian financial crisis, in order to stimulate demand, the proactive fiscal policy has been implemented for many years, therefore , this time with the adjustment of economic operation needs to take a prudent fiscal policy is feasible. However, even if the expansionary fiscal policy, there are empirical results show that the implementation of space. Because statistics show that tax and transfer expenditures, and the renovation between bonds and renovation , and between agriculture , transfer expenditure and renewal and transformation,Hollister Mann, agriculture,Ralph Lauren online, scientific research, net exports do not exist between the theoretical cointegration Relationship. This aspect is being squeezed out effects, on the other hand also shows that the implementation of sound fiscal policy in China, the structure can be further adjusted to give full play to fiscal policy in economic development should be effective.

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