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MyEclipse 8.6 Enterprise Workbench
Release Notes

 July 30, 2010

1. What's New in MyEclipse 8.6 - A QuickFlyover

MyEclipse 8.6 is the next generation of the MyEclipse EnterpriseWorkbench IDE for enterprise Java and web developers. This release ofMyEclipse focuses heavily on enabling Team Collaborationbetween MyEclipse developers as well as centralizing softwaremanagement of the entire workbench in a single cohesive MyEclipseConfiguration Center.

Built on the Eclipse 3.5.2 (Galileo) and Genuitec Pulse EclipseManagement and Runtime Services platforms, MyEclipse 8.6 provideshundreds of new and improved code development, testing and deploymentfeatures.

Following are highlights of key new and improved features. For a morecomplete list of all MyEclipse 8.6 features and screenshots seetheNewand Noteworthy.

New JavaScript Editor

8.6 introduces a  brand new JavaScript editor which has the following advantages over the editor used in previous MyEclipse releases:

  • Better support for JavaScript in HTML
  • Smarter and faster content assist with better analysis of JavaScript and project structure
  • Superior validation
  • Support for popular third party frameworks like jQuery, prototype, Dojo and YUI

Struts 2 Graphical Editor

Use the Struts 2 graphical editor to create or edit packages, actions and action results graphically, making it easy to visualize complex Struts 2 configuration files. XML code is generated simultaneously for all graphical elements created and vice versa.

MyEclipse Configuration Center

  • Install/Uninstall all MyEclipse modules easily
  • Quick-Search for most popular Eclipse addons and add them with acheckbox
  • View, Edit and Apply all available workbench software updates(custom update sites supported!)
  • Easily configure and share MyEclipse workbench configurations with teammembers
  • Review and Apply workbench configuration changes from users withpermissions to make them to shared configurations
  • Persist workbench preferences out to a team with the sharedconfiguration
  • Share workbench configurations with individuals or teams of peopleyou can configure (permissions too!)
  • Share a MyEclipse group subscription with other members in your team

New Server Connectors

  • Glassfish 3
  • JBoss 6
  • Resin 4
  • Jetty 7
  • JOnAS 5
  • SpringSource tc Server
  • Java System Web Server 7
  • Tomcat 7

Framework Support

Support for the following frameworks has been added:

  • Spring 3.0
  • Hibernate 3.3
  • Spring Security 2.0
  • Spring Security 3.0

Screen Capture Support

Screen capture support previously available only for Windows XP, is now also available for Windows Vista and Windows 7.


  • Forward (UML > Java) engineering was improved
  • Sequence Diagram generation support was improved

JavaServer Faces, Facelets,ICEfaces

  • JSF / Facelets content-assist improved - performance improvement andbetter support for page-scoped variables
  • Facelets CTRL+Click navigation added
  • ICEfaces palette improvements
  • faces-config.xml validation improved to catch more error cases andnot catch invalid errors

作者: 潺潺洛水,川流不息   发布时间: 2010-08-19